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Glenmoor Country Club

Benefits and Perks

  • In-house Child Care- Glenmoor has a child care center for team member’s children. Call ext. 290 to receive information about rates and hours.

  • Seven Seventeen Credit Union- Direct Deposit, Preferred Loan Rates, Low Rate Visa, etc.- The credit union is located in the glass tower building across from Belden Village. Information packets in Human Resources office.

  • Team Member Parties-Picnic for team members in July or August and Holiday Party every January.

  • Free Flu Shots for Team Members- Stay Healthy!! Shots provided in October/November- (discounted for family members)

  • Discounted Book Fairs for Team Members- Great gifts! Book fairs are held twice a year. March and November.

  • Discounted Dry Cleaning at Tate- Dry cleaning dropped off and picked up right here at Glenmoor. Call Guest Services at ext. 270 for procedures.

  • Usage of the Spa- (Tennis Courts and Pool NOT included) Call for appointment at ext. 260-No more than 6 team members at one time. Appropriate attire required-see Spa front desk Hours NOT available- Monday through Friday- 5:30 am- 7:00 am, 5:00 pm- 7:30 pm, Saturdays- 9:00 am- 12:00 noon.


  • Team Member Discounts throughout the Club:

                    Overnight Rooms – 50% - Use for family during holidays!

                    Salon Products – 30% Colors and Perms – 20%

                    Discounted Hair Cuts

                    Spa Pro Shop – 30%Golf Pro Shop – 20%- Nov & Dec ONLY –                                             40% off purchases of summer inventory.

                    Dining – 50% - Scot’s Grille and Black Heath only (Sunday through Thursday – alcohol and gratuity not included, reservations approved through Human Resources and only after 90 days probationary period)


  • Discounted tickets- Prices announced every season

* All Cinemark Theatres

* Football Hall of Fame
* Cleveland Zoo/Rain Forest
* Cedar Point
* Geauga Lake

  • Team Member Golf- Every Monday at 3:00pm (sign up required in Pro Shop – appropriate attire required)

  • Team Member Birthday Card- Coupon for dinner for two in Scot’s Grille (after 90 days)

  • Refer a Friend – Up to $200.00. If you refer a friend and they are hired…you receive $50.00 after 30 days and another $150.00 after 1 year. (both team members must still be employed). Forms available in Human Resource office.

  • Membership Leads – Worth $200.00. Refer a Prospective Member to the Membership Director and if they join, receive a $200.00 bonus!

  • Ride Home Program- If you are anywhere in Stark County and have had too much to drink, call Glenmoor for a ride. If we can’t pick you up, Yellow Cab will and the cost will be payroll deducted from your next paycheck. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

  • Team Member Meals – 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. No charge. Glenmoor provides you with lunch and or dinner depending on your scheduled shift.

  • Uniforms- Provided in most areas of the Club

  • Promotions Within- In-house jobs posted on team member board. Glenmoor would rather promote from within then hire from outside!

  • Team Member of the Month Program- Every month, Department Heads nominate a team member who has gone above and beyond. That team member receives the designated parking space, a paid day off or an overnight stay and recognition through their picture and name mounted in the team member of the month frame located in Club hallway by golf locker rooms.

  • Bellringer Program- Accrued bellringer points can purchase different merchandise, services and or food throughout the Club. Updated lists posted monthly. Trade in bellringer points at Human Resources office.

  • Holiday Season Bonus – (must be employed 1 month prior to distribution of bonuses)

  • Use of Library – In Human Resources office.

  • Paid Holidays- Team members are entitled up to six paid holidays. Full Time Team Members

  • Paid Vacations-

* After one year of employment – 2 weeks

* After five years of employment – 3 weeks

* After six years consecutive – 3 weeks, one day
* After seven years consecutive – 3 weeks, two days
* After eight years consecutive– 3 weeks, three days 
* After nine years consecutive– 3 weeks, four days 
* After ten years consecutive– 4 weeks    

  • Paid Sick/Professional Days

  • Paid Jury Duty

  • Death in Family Pay

  • Health / Dental / Life Benefits

  • 401K / Flexible Spending


Note: Glenmoor Country Club is committed to offering team member benefits however, the above mentioned benefits and perks may be amended, altered or terminated by the company at any time.