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    “I just wanted to let you know that the wedding at Glenmoor was BEAUTIFUL; I have never seen a more beautiful setting! I was blown away! It was just perfect in every way!!!”

- Barb, Mother of the Groom



“We were extremely pleased with every aspect of the wedding weekend. From our out-of-town guests’ stay at the Bertram Inn to the reception in the Chapel and all the way thru Sunday afternoon’s brunch; everything was first-class! We had reviewed many other venues for our daughter’s wedding, and you were clearly the number one choice. You did not disappoint! Our thanks to you and your staff for an unforgettable event.”

- Jack, Father of the Bride


“I wanted to give you a big ‘Thank You’ for everything you did for us. I never really imagined what my wedding day would be like until I stumbled across Glenmoor. Then all of the sudden, I had this vision and expectations, and Glenmoor far exceeded those expectations and really helped my vision become a reality. 
You were terrific! Anytime I needed anything, you were there! I can honestly say the wedding was perfect. There is nothing that went wrong and nothing I would change. It really was a perfect day, and you played a big role in that! Even down to the vendor recommendations… I’m not familiar with the area, so all of the vendors I used were ones recommended by Glenmoor, and they all did an amazing job as well. So a huge thank you… You really made our wedding day one of the best days of our lives.
- Lauren & Steve, Bride & Groom

“Our daughter’s wedding at Glenmoor was a spectacular event. The bridal coordinator made the planning process easy. The room was amazingly beautiful, and the staff executed everything perfectly. We couldn’t have been happier. Our friends are STILL talking about it!”
                                                       -Dina, Mother of the Bride

“My husband and I got married earlier this year and selected Glenmoor as our reception venue. We looked thoroughly at many venues throughout NE Ohio and feel that Glenmoor is second to none! From the moment we walked into the Chapel, with its old time, castle-like charm and met with the Bridal Coordinator, we knew it was “our” location. The facilities at Glenmoor are so very unique and offered that little something extra that we couldn’t find anywhere else. 
Throughout the planning process, we could not have expected any more from the team at Glenmoor. They were simply the best, responding quickly and offering that customer service we don’t feel we could have found elsewhere. Being that we live in Chicago and more than half of our guests traveled from out-of-state, accommodations for the weekend were perfect and something that the staff at Glenmoor worked with us every step of the way to ensure was uniquely our own. 
Another item that comes with guests from the big city is big expectations. Guests traveled from so very far, and we received numerous comments that our wedding went above and beyond any others they had been to previously. We feel that a good portion of this had to do with the excellent service, attention to detail, superb food, the support of a very hands-on coordinator, and the distinct character that only Glenmoor offers. We cannot recommend Glenmoor highly enough for your special day!”
- Heather, Bride

“The setting of Glenmoor is breath-taking. The convenience of the hotel is fantastic. The food is 5-star worthy. And they really can flip a room from ceremony to reception in one hour!”
- Michelle, Bride


“The Glenmoor Country Club Chapel provides the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony, with the stone floors, gorgeous wood beams, and huge fireplace. Unlike some venues, the acoustics in the beautiful Glenmoor Chapel are perfect and are quite flattering for the guest musicians. The Bridal Coordinator is s true professional. Her organizational skills and calm, confident demeanor put everyone at ease. In fact, everyone from the General Manager to the Valets do whatever it takes to make your experience at Glenmoor the very best!”

- Silver & Strings Trio, Vendor


“Glenmoor was such a romantic environment to have our wedding festivities! They were so meticulous with details. The staff handled everything from transportation and accommodations for out-of-town guests to the gourmet dining and wedding cake. Excellent!!!”

- Kim, Bride

 “My husband and I got married a little over a year ago at Glenmoor Country Club. We could not have asked for anything more. I was looking for a place that would give a ‘castle’ feel (something fairytale-like), and Glenmoor was the place. It is such a unique place and most of our guests had never been there before, so it was nice to have them experience somewhere new. Also, because you can stay there, some of them made a weekend out of it. 
We chose to have both the ceremony and the reception there and when they say they can switch the room in one hour, the mean it! Absolutely everything on the tables was uniform. The cake was from Glenmoor, and I cannot tell you how many compliments we received on it. As you can see, I have so many positive things to say about this magical place… it was everything I envisioned and more! Thank you for making a memory that not only my husband and I will remember forever but our entire family and friends will, too!”
- Marcie, Bride


“Truly amazing! Once we met the coordinator, we knew Glenmoor was our only choice. The process was just as enjoyable as our wedding day itself! We had a truly beautiful wedding, and having our family stay at Glenmoor for the weekend was relaxing and great. Glenmoor is 5 steps above their closest competition!!!”

- Robin, Bride


“I never took the opportunity to properly thank you for your part in making our wedding day beautiful, fun, and just unforgettable! I know you put work in throughout the day behind the scenes. We could not have asked for more. Thank you, a hundred times over.”

- Erin, Bride


“We had our wedding at Glenmoor and still when we get together with friends and family, people are talking about how much fun they had. The coordinator did an amazing job keeping everything organized… and me sane!! It took my breath away when I saw the room decorated. It was the best weekend of our lives!”

- Lindsay, Bride


“I had my wedding at Glenmoor, and it was honestly a dream come true. Not only was it the ‘palace’ of my dreams, but the food was fantastic, the cake was beautiful, the staff was wonderful to work with, and the outdoors provided the perfect backdrop for pictures!”

- Laura, Bride


“I was a guest at a wedding at Glenmoor last year and left very impressed. Normally, the food at a wedding reception leaves much to be desired; however, at Glenmoor, the food was simply outstanding. The place is beautiful and very classy. I highly recommend it.”

- Andy, Guest


“WOW! What an amazing place from the rooms for guests and the spa for the bride and her maids to the golf course for the groom and his men and the wonderful wedding meal. The food and the atmosphere are incredible, like being at a bistro table for two but they pull it off for 300!”

- Rick, Guest

“We live in San Diego and made all of our plans from across the country… in two and a half months! This was no problem for the wedding coordinator at Glenmoor. I am from Canton originally, so my confidence that Glenmoor was the right place was solid; however, my fiancé had some fears from not knowing anything about Glenmoor. Well, the staff has taken all of those fears away. 
The morning filled with a massage from the spa, hair appointments in the salon, robe wearing and mimosa drinking were the perfect way to start her day. Glenmoor is a class act… the perfect place to handle such a special day!”
- Roger, Groom


“Thank you for all that you are doing to make our day special – we truly appreciate all of your hard work & patience.”

- Gail, Mother of the Bride


    “I had six months to plan our wedding, which really isn’t very long… but everything went smoothly. Glenmoor’s wedding coordinator was amazing! She went far beyond her duties. Everyone we worked with was very nice and truly made the day special. The food was wonderful, the grounds were beautiful… we loved all of it! It’s been a year and people are STILL complimenting us on our gorgeous wedding!”
- Courtney, Bride

I really just wanted to thank you for everything! You have truly made this the best experience possible, and I appreciate everything extra you have done. You have gone above and beyond, and I know today will be the best it can be because of you. I knew Glenmoor was the place for us, but having you to go with it was so unexpected. Thanks again!”
- Krista, Bride


 “Just a note to thank you so very much for your invaluable assistance and counsel during the preparations and wedding of our daughter, Kelley. There was nothing that we would have changed, and the celebration could not have been more beautiful in any way. We will always remember your kindness to us and patience with us. Our best to you.”

- Bob & Joan, Parents of the Bride


“My husband and I were married in the Chapel in November. We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful evening your staff created for us. The bridal coordinator treated our small event as if it were the most important event she was organizing. The staff in the Black Heath made our wedding diner really special, and we enjoyed our stay at the Inn. The entire evening was as special as we had imagined. Thank you again!”

- Vicki & Mark, Bride & Groom


    “Words cannot even describe how much we appreciate and adore you. You’re such a hard worker, and it shows. We are so very pleased that we had the wedding at Glenmoor. It was everything we imagined. Thank you for devoting so much time and energy to make our day everything we hoped for and more!”

- Kelsey & Ben, Bride & Groom


    “My deepest thanks to Glenmoor and all those who took part in the planning and execution of our wedding and reception. You have a wonderful and highly professional group of ladies and gentleman that know how to treat guests like royalty.”

- Susan, Bride


    “Thank you for making Steve and Lauren’s wedding very special. Because we are so far away, it was nice to know that you put so much time and effort into making their wedding day beautiful. We appreciated everything you did on the day of the wedding. You were always there for us.”

- Mike & Cindy, Parents of the Bride



    “How can I even begin to thank you?! You did a wonderful job with everything, and I have not one regret from having my wedding at Glenmoor. It was well worth it! Thank you so much for all of your help, answering all of my questions, setting everything up, and making me feel like I was the most important person (because I wasJ). And thanks for all of the stuff you did that I didn’t mention. Also tell your staff they did a wonderful job, too. That was the best service ever! I know all of our guests thought the same. And thank your receptionists. They were all so helpful!”

- Sam, Bride



“Thank you so much for all you did to help Phil and I have such a beautiful & memorable wedding reception.

               From the moment we met you, we felt comfortable that you were a talented and very capable person – which relieved much stress from our shoulders. Thank you so much for your attention to detail, fun personality, willingness to work with us on all our crazy ideas (like the cake – it was AMAZING!) and being so easy to work with.

               Thank you also to your team at Glenmoor – the food was excellent, service impeccable and professionalism irrefutable. You have no idea how many compliments we received from our guests – and that is largely due to you and your team. Thank you so much.”

- Megan & Phil, Bride & Groom


    “I would highly recommend EVERYONE to have their wedding and reception at Glenmoor. I have heard several times from many of my guests that our wedding at Glenmoor was the best they have ever attended. Most of our guests were from out of town and many of them commented that they would love to come back to stay at Glenmoor for vacation. The staff truly made our wedding something special, not only for us, but for everyone who attended.”

- Nicole, Bride