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General Golf Rules


1.  The Rules of Golf as adopted by the U.S.G.A. together with the Rules of Etiquette as adopted by the U.S.G.A. shall be the rules of the Club, except when in conflict with the local rules or with any of the rules herein.  Members are expected to obey these Rules, to inform their guests of all Rules, and to cooperate with the golf staff for the benefit of golf at Glenmoor.

2.  All golfers are required to register in the Golf Shop.  Residents are not permitted to practice or play under any other conditions than described.


3.  Practice is not allowed on the golf course.  The driving range and putting green should be used for all practice.


4.  Each player must have their own set of golf clubs.


5.  If lightning is in the area, all play shall cease.  A warning siren system will sound, a single steady strong blast, which means clear the course immediately.


6.  Club management may close the golf course to play whenever the grounds could be damaged by play, too dangerous for play, or for maintenance.


7.  No beverage coolers are permitted on the course unless supplied by the club.


8.  All new members will be interviewed by the Professional Golf Staff to insure they understand the local golf rules before playing on the golf course.


9.  Comments, suggestions or violations of Golf Rules and Regulations should be directed to the Director of Golf or to a member of the Golf Committee.


10. The Golf season is from April 15 - September 30.


11. Bicycling, Roller Blading, Baby Strollers, Walking Pets, or any other sporting activity other than golf is not permitted on the golf course at any time. 

  *  Jogging and recreational walking are permitted before 7:30am.


Dress Code


Appropriate golf attire is required for all players on the golf course and practice area.  All players are expected and required to wear proper attire at all times.  A description of "proper attire" shall be posted prominently in the men's and women's locker rooms from time to time.  Members are expected to insure that their guests and children adhere to such rules.  Changing of golf attire (including shoes) must be done in the locker room.


Golf Course Etiquette


All players using the golf course should do their part to make a round of golf at Glenmoor Country Club a pleasant experience for everyone.  Here are some suggestions:


1.  All players must not waste time.  Players should anticipate the club or clubs needed, and go directly to their ball.  Players must always be near their ball to play promptly then it is their turn.  If a player is delayed in making a shot, it would be courteous for such player to indicate to another player to play which should not be deemed playing out of turn.

2.  The time required to hole out on and around the green is a chief cause of slow play.  Players should study and clear the line of their putt while others are doing the same.  Players should be ready to putt when it is their turn.

3.  When approaching a green, players should park their golf car on the path in direct line to the next tee.  This can save about one-half hour per round. Players should never leave the golf car in front of the green where they will have to go back to get it, while the following players must wait for them to get out of the way.

4.  When play of a hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay.  Do the scoring for the completed hole while the others in your group are playing from the next tee.

5.  If players are not holding their place on the course allow the players behind to play through.  Do the same if a player stops to search for a lost ball.




     In order for a score to be posted, it must be adjusted in accordance with the USGA Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) system.  Please see the table below:





9 or Less

Double Bogey

10 through 19


20 through 29


30 through 39


40 or More




            All scores, including tournament scores, are adjusted for ESC and there is no limit to the number of holes on which you can adjust your score.


            After each round of golf, please post your score and leave your scorecard with the Pro Shop.  In the event the Pro Shop is closed or you forget to post a score, please call the Pro Shop within 48 hours and have the Pro Shop post your score.


            Tournament scores will be posted by the Pro Shop and will be more heavily weighed than a regular score.


Incomplete Holes or Conceded Strokes

If you pick up on a hole or are conceded a stroke, record the score you most likely would have made.  It is the number of strokes (including penalty strokes) taken thus far, plus the number of strokes it will take to complete the hole from that point.


Holes Not Played

When a hole is not played, your score for the hole is par, plus any handicap strokes to which you are entitled based on your full course handicap.


In summary, please follow these rules:


  • Post scores when playing at home and/or away courses.
  • Post scores in all forms of play i.e. match play, stroke play, even team competitions in which you are requested to pick up.
  • Post your score when you play at least 13 holes out of 18 holes or at least 7 out of 9 holes.  On the holes you did not play, record a par, plus any handicap strokes you would have received.
  • Post a score if you play two nine holes even if it is the same nine or nines from different days.
  • Post scores from all active season areas, especially when your home club is in an “inactive” season.




Golf Rangers


1.  Golf rangers may be on duty to help regulate play and enforce golf car policy.  The golf rangers have full authority on the golf course to enforce all rules and speed of play.

2.  If a group of players fail to keep their place on the course and lose more than one clear hole on the players ahead it will result in a verbal warning to catch up to the group.  The second offense will result in skipping hole(s) to resume proper position.  The final offense will result in termination of the round with no refund.



Practice Range/Practice Putting Green


1.  The practice range and practice putting green are open 45 minutes before the first tee time.  The practice range closes 1&1/2 hours before dark and the putting green at dusk.


2.  At times to be posted in the Golf Shop, the driving range will be closed for the general maintenance.


3.  Range balls are for use on the range only.  Range balls are not permitted to be used on the golf course.


4.  Golf cars are not permitted on any tee area.  Parking of golf cars is allowed in designated area only.


5.  Balls must be hit from the designated areas only.  No hitting is permitted from the rough or sides of the driving range.


6.  Proper golf attire is required at all times on the driving range and putting green.


Junior Golfers


1.  A Junior golfer is a members' child, under the age of 23 and living with parents.

2.  Junior golfers may play without adult supervision after the Golf Professional Staff has been satisfied as to his/her knowledge and golf course etiquette and has been approved.  The Golf Professional Staff takes responsibility for juniors on the course.

3.  Junior members may use a golf car (if 16 with a valid driver's license), a caddie, or walk and carry their own bag.

4.  Non-approved juniors may use the practice facility or play after 4:00pm but must be accompanied by a parent.


Hours of Play


The hours of play and Golf Shop hours will be posted.  The Golf Course Superintendent is authorized to determine when the Golf Course is fit for play.  This decision shall be final.  In the absence of the course superintendent, the Golf Professional on duty shall make this decision.  In season the 1st tee time is 7:30am.  Out of season the 1st tee time is 8:00am.